Sunday, July 17

at 8:30 AM and 11 AM

"One Necessary Thing"

Luke 10 : 38 - 42


What happened to my busyness?


Don’t let that question fool you.  The business of ministry is busy.  No doubt!  Every week, there’s a sermon to finish, Bible studies to prepare, meetings to attend.  While those things are largely in my hands, to choose when to schedule them, pastoral care and counseling isn’t.  A 3:30 AM phone call means a trip to the ER, or to a home, and many hours waiting, listening, crying, praying.  Until the last day of my pastoral work, I will be busy.


Something has happened to this pastor, something I didn’t fully notice until two months ago.  Marlene and I were sitting on the beach at Siesta Key, waiting with others to watch the sun set on the Gulf of Mexico.  There, the seabed is tinted green, and when the sun sets on a clear evening, people see a green flash across the water as the sun dips below the horizon.  The flash didn’t happen (clouds blocked the sun at the last minute), and yet,  I had a flash:


I was taking the time to take in everything.  I had been doing it more and more for several years, but that moment, on that beach, was when I first truly was immersed in it.


Martha’s serving Jesus and his guests, tired and hungry (and if Luke’s gospel is right on the count, far more than twelve disciples in attendance!).  He’s teaching, and Martha’s sister Mary is at his feet, listening, growing, deepening.  Martha is furious!  What will she do?


What will you do?  Will you take an hour, drop your busyness, and sit at the feet of Jesus this Sunday?  He says it’s the one necessary thing.  Will you drop your busyness, and come to get what truly counts for you, what will save you?












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