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Sunday, September 25

at 8:30 AM and 11 AM

"One-Way Ticket"

Luke 16 : 19 - 31


Before you log on to Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or whatever your social media platform is, please, please, heed this advice:


Take three deep breaths. Consider what you are about to post. Look closely at any photo or video you choose to attach. Then, and only then, commit yourself. Take the plunge. Post away!


Do those things, because once you do, there's no taking it back. You've cast the die, and now, your employer, your spouse, the NSA or FBI can all find and see your post... even if you try to hide it, or delete it. The web works as a spider's web does: it catches whatever you feed it, and it's not disappearing... ever!


When I knelt before Bishop Ernest Fitzgerald in 1988, and made promises about serving God as a pastor, there was no turning back. My life has been marked forever. I can rebel, or obey, or care or not care, but I do all those things in the shadow of my ordination. At my funeral, “Reverend” will be a part of how I am named, how I am remembered.


And, yes, there are choices which will land each of us in God's final say about our lives. In this Sunday's parable, the choice for one very rich individual is whether he will ever notice, and care, about the beggar at his front gate. Jesus ties our eternal fates to such questions! So, before you buy your one-way ticket, don't you want to know the conditions? We'll discover what is takes to fix our eternity with God this Sunday. It's the most important choice you'll ever make!

















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