following Jesus





Sunday, June 26

at 8:30 AM and 11 AM

"Face It!"

Luke 9 : 51 - 62


Perhaps we should worry about someone who is obsessed.


A lone gunman was surely obsessed on the morning of June 12 when began firing a powerful weapon at the crowd of Orlando citizens gathered in the Pulse nightclub. When the carnage was over, some 50 people were dead, and many others found their bodies riddled with severe wounds. Why was he that obsessed? He was angry towards people whose identity was gay and lesbian, among others. He clearly had sympathies with terrorist organizations. We struggle in its terrible aftermath to understand his obsession.


How can I ever forget the man who threatened his wife in front of me, as he declared: “If I can’t have her, then no one will!”? When I meet obsession, it’s usually about power and control. And while we may be obsessed in small ways, with our technology, with sports and teams, true obsession quickly turns violent and deadly. If you want to see what drives some people to make life brutal and short for others, look no further than obsession.


One man is truly obsessed. He sets his face towards the place where he will die, as the obsessions of others in power play out to murder him. Yet he goes, and nothing will change his mind, not a village who rejects him, nor those who want to follow him with certain terms and conditions. He goes, obsessed, and we live now because of his obsession to his heavenly Father. Are you ready to meet an obsessed man who can break the power of deadly obsession? He’s here, among us, this Sunday, his face set towards Jerusalem and God. Get obsessed with him, and come meet such a man!













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