Sunday, December 4

at 8:30 AM and 11 AM

“Drowning Vipers”

Matthew 3 : 1 - 12


He bursts upon the scene, brashly, loudly. His manners are shocking; his language rude. He presents himself as a firebrand, and promises that he has come to shake the status quo to its foundations. He draws huge crowds of the common people, who are desperate for change, who want nothing to do with how the ruling class have rigged the game. The ruling class reject him, think he's a nuisance, and that his movement will never really fly.

His name is... (wait for it... he's not who you may have been thinking...)

John. The Baptizer. The last person you'd ever place in a children's Christmas pageant!

What's a firebrand like John doing, messing with Christmas? Even with his camel's hair three-piece suit, his crude leather belt, and his strange dietary choices, he's the man God chooses to announce that our Savior is coming! He's going to baptize, drowning vipers until they become God's children. He's giving out new, God-touched hearts just in time for Christmas.

He's coming over for Christmas this Sunday. Are you willing to let him lead you to the manger? He may be a wild-eyed prophet, but he knows the way to the Christ child. Won't you follow him there?




















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